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Statutory health insurers are performing less and less. Operations are not always paid for. For example, if you suffer from overweight or want to have your teeth straightened, you have to pay for it yourself. Even the insertion of a gastric band and laser treatments on the eye, just like all cosmetic operations, are not financed by the health insurance companies.

The quality of life nevertheless suffers, even if this is no reason for the health insurers to intervene. If you want to change something but cannot afford it, you need a loan for the operation.

Conditions of a loan for an operation

Conditions of a loan for an operation

A loan for an operation usually has a higher interest rate than a home loan. An interest rate of 3.45 percent is already very low, some banks even charge up to 13.13 percent interest. That always depends on the term and of course the loan amount. It is worth making comparisons and not immediately accepting the first offer.

You should also ensure that the agreed interest rate will remain low in the coming years. Loans are possible from a sum of 1000 USD up to approximately 50,000 USD. In rare cases, loans of 80,000 USD and more are granted. In any case, proof of income must be presented to the bank, and usually the creditworthiness is also checked.

Only then can the bank decide whether and to what extent a loan is granted. Most banks have a term of between 12 and 120 months, although the latter is only possible with particularly high loan amounts.

Where can you apply for a loan?

Where can you apply for a loan?

You can now often apply for a loan for an operation directly on site, i.e. in the laser centers, at dental practices and in other institutes where operations are performed. But even if that’s the easiest solution, it’s not always the best. You should definitely ask other independent banks and compare the conditions – especially the interest rates.

Of course, some may find it difficult to inquire at the house bank about a loan for breast augmentation. But many banks issue free-use loans and don’t ask exactly what the money is actually used for. There are also many online banks with attractive conditions. There is no personal face-to-face contact.

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